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3+ WC Rules (2023 edition)

-- PepsiNGaming

Hey everyone, this year's format is the same as previous years, however, there are a few slight changes to the rules. If you have any questions, please message me or Francis920 on lichess (PepsiNGaming, Francis920)

No alts in the tournament. If you have a main account, use that. Your main account is defined as the account which you have primarily used on lichess over the past six months. It’s unfair to an opponent who is using a main account, as they won’t have equal access to as many past games, and hence won’t be able to prepare for the match as thoroughly. If you win the trophy, it cannot be transferred between accounts, so choose wisely.

No accounts made after May 20th, 2023 can participate. We experienced some people trying to get multiple alts in previous editions of this tournament, and we don’t want that to happen in the future. Although you might say this is all detectable by the mods, it isn’t necessarily. This measure is a precaution. If you have a past account that was made before then, please reopen it to participate.

If a player has at least one account banned for cheating, they are not allowed to join. If these infractions happened 3 or more years ago, then you are still eligible.
At least 100 rated games of three check
Get all quiz questions on the form correct
Yes… There is a quiz, it’s short, and all the answers are easily found in the rules document, like, verbatim. This shouldn’t be hard at all.
If you don’t get all the questions correct, do it again.

We will note that past rating manipulation history will not be checked, as it should not influence tournament gameplay. Of course, if you see someone in the tournament that you suspect has artificially changed their rating (or cheated), let us (PepsiNGaming, Francis920) know and use as well.

These are the things the Lichess admins will check before allowing you to register (We are not the ones selecting or rejecting you). This does not mean that you can’t be removed from the list by us at some other point. For example, if you have any of the TDs blocked, or have DMs off even after the form has been done (in which you should have confirmed that you have undone these actions), we will be happy to kick you out of the tourney. We have limited time, and don’t want it wasted on people that don’t follow directions.

Time control
3 + 2, RATED (If you don’t play the match rated, you will need to redo it)

Format: Bracketed tournament, double elimination. Winner of the bracket will go on to face VariantsOnly, the three-time reigning champion.

Cheating and other infractions:
Think your opponent cheated or has manipulated their rating? Use, and DM us as well (PepsiNGaming, Francis920).

My opponent has been abusive in DMs or in game chats. What should I do? Take screenshots, upload them to imgur, and DM us. Report to lichess mods as well. We don’t tolerate abuse of any kind, and will happily remove you from the tournament for it.

Matches will begin within a few days after August 12th, 2023, the day registrations close. We will notify both parties in a forum post as well as a challonge link that will be made after we receive the list of participants.

You and your opponent are in charge of scheduling your match. Your match must be played before the deadline UNLESS you let us know in advance that you are unavailable for all the proposed times.

Both you and your opponent MUST provide times that you are available to each other, and agree on one. This is how we avoid confusion and forfeits.
If your opponent doesn’t show up within 15 minutes of the agreed-upon time control, they will be forfeited unless they let you know beforehand that something has come up and they won’t be able to make it. In that case, we urge you both to try to find another time to play. If this isn’t possible (or you both procrastinated and decided to play your match on the last possible day with no room for error), then we will have to forfeit the guilty party. In order to forfeit, we need to see all information that was passed between you both. We will ask both of you for screenshots of DMs (all of the DMs that involve scheduling), and based on this, will forfeit the player who made the weaker effort. In the case of negligence on both sides, we will decide who moves on via coin flip (done publicly in The House Discord server).

Best of 10, 3 + 2 rated games. You can play all 10 games, or stop once someone has 5.5 or more points. Conceding is also allowed, of course. After you are finished, you or your opponent must report the match score and victor in the designated forum.

If the match is tied 5-5 after 10 games, then you and your opponent will play 2 games of 3 + 2. Repeat playing these pairs of games until someone wins a pair. In the case that this process goes on for too long and one of you needs to go, please inform us and your opponent, and try to schedule another time for the match to conclude.

Finals: Same rules, only difference is that it's best of 20 (or first to 10.5).

Thank you for reading! You have until 0:00 UTC on August 12th to register, after which pairings will be released and matches will begin. Feel free to DM any of us if you have questions, or better yet, join the discord at since we're hosting KotH WC as well, the server is both a 3+ and a KotH WC server.